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WHAT’S NEW! SPOTLIGHT PACKAGE               ($350)


•Your Music Featured on Nora’s Jazz Radio Show Podcast’s “What’s New!” Emerging Artist Series

A podcast presented by creative jazz vocal artist Nora McCarthy in association with Cadence Jazz World and Cadence Magazine that introduces new music from emerging musical artists and/or established artists who have recently released CDs, digital recordings or soon to be released recordings of original music, new music, and/or artists whose work reflects elements from a variety of musical sources/genres in addition to Jazz that highlight experimental and improvisational concepts.



• Standalone - A beautifully designed video presentation of the new release posted on the Homepage of Cadence Jazz World that is linked to its own page with detailed information regarding the tracks presented, links to artist’s website and where to purchase as well as other promotional information if applicable.

• Cover Design jpeg of the show (that can be used as an Ad or at the artist’s discretion with appropriate credits.

• Please Note: Nora’s Jazz Show What’s NEW!! Emerging Artist Series Spotlight Advertising is available to those artists whose music fits within the show’s parameters and who are looking for increased visibility of their music through Cadence Jazz World.

There is no charge for a review only and a review is only included as part of the overall Spotlight package if the CD is chosen for review based solely on its merits in keeping with the high standards and reputable principles of Cadence Magazine. Such determination remains solely at the discretion of the magazine’s publisher and staff.


• Thirty Minute Podcast  ($200)

• Combination Podcast & Print Version    ($425)

   (Services include: Transcription, Proofing, Editing, Preparation of Final Copy)  


• Promoted on FB, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn By Cadence Magazine ($25 / 1X)

• MIC~ART Media Blog ($25)

• Both ($50) T/B/A

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