October, 2019

Nora McCarthy - Voice, Compositions, Poetry || Jorge Sylvester - Alto Saxophone || Kuba Cichocki - Piano

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Nora McCarthy Manna~For~Thought

Improvising Trio

​Nora McCarthy, Dom Minasi, Ras Moshe


By:  Grego Applegate Edwards

". . .The session is not just free, which would still be interesting of course with these musicians, it is most definitely a product of a kind of structured musical thinking that gives the numbers a feeling of fore-ordinance, of a special intention, a way to get the threesome together on a page like each one is writing this music as they play it, that a composition arises in each case in the way the three think together and out loud musically.

At the same time there are compositional things going on too. All meshes together in ways where you do not feel a radical separation of planned and spontaneous note-ing, but instead a thoughtful and soulful gathering of three masters who make a very pointed effort to listen carefully to one another and create something worthwhile..."


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