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Hello and Welcome. My name is Nora McCarthy and I am the founder of MIC~ART Music. As an independent vocal musician, composer, lyricist, and poet, for 35 years, my journey has been one of love – love for jazz and creative improvised music, and the love of singing.  Singing and teaching are my passions in life. To be able to help a singer find her/his true voice and develop their art is the most rewarding work I do.

Through my own artistic evolution, I designed and developed over the years, a comprehensive course that takes a conceptual, physical and spiritual approach to singing and improvisation and whose primary focus is to free the spirit to experience total creativity through mindful singing. It integrates thirteen essential elements I’ve determined are the building blocks to the overall development of the voice and the professional singer. It is tailored to address each student’s specific needs and is designed for all levels of ability. 

Having worked with some of the most gifted and prolific artists in jazz and creative music, I decided to put together a team of music professionals who could provide one-on-one training as well as instruction and insight into the more esoteric and creative music art forms: avant-garde, experimental and improvised music to students from beginners to advanced as well as mentor and assist in the ongoing professional development through performance opportunities for emerging artists.

It is my heartfelt belief that through musical improvisation we can experience total communication with one another regardless of, race, creed, color, ethnicity, or socio-economic backgrounds and be the solution to achieving a peaceful and harmonious world through a higher consciousness communication: one heart, one mind, one soul. ONE LOVE.


MIC~ART Music is committed to continuing the forward progression of this vital art form - Modern Improvised Music - and to cultivating future generations of musical artists, innovators and improvisers.




If you are looking for comprehensive music education taught by leaders in their respective fields of jazz and creative music, MIC~ART Music provides private lessons, a variety of courses, workshops, masterclasses and collaborations that have been personally developed by each artist.

We accommodate the individual needs of each student, professional and/or aspiring professional artists while offering substantive, applicable information, unique approaches, concepts, ideas, and methods.






We look forward to assisting you in your personal artistic career pursuits and professional development.


Our professional services are modestly priced and we will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

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