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New York Jazz Stories combines improvised music with classic New York stories, told to David Haney by the artists themselves, recorded and transcribed, and retold beautifully by David as well as other jazz artists/musicians/singers who are invited to perform with Haney, Bernard Purdie, and friends. On one such magical evening in February 2017, Nora McCarthy reenacted Annie Ross' story and sang "Doodlin'" a song written by Horace Silver with lyrics by Mimi Perrin that was associated with Annie and later covered by Sarah Vaughan. Annie's story that McCarthy interpreted beautifully was about Annie meeting Sarah Vaughn and her request to have Annie teach her "Doodlin'" 

 Below is a live clip of that performance at  Joe's Pub w/Bernard Purdie, David Haney, Steve Swell, Adam Lane, Yael Archer and Nora McCarthy with an improvised introduction and afterward more improvisation with the band - good listen.

2/4/17 - Joe's Pub Performance - Bernard Purdie/David Haney Jazz Stories - Nora McCarthy, voice
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Other Collaborations/Projects

Jane Ira Bloom - sop sax

Nora McCarthy - voice

Gamin - piri

Anton Kotikov - alto sax

Maja Radovanllja - guitar

Dr. Tom Zlabinger - bass


ISIM - International Society for Improvised Music
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