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Modern Voice Ensemble

A conceptual approach to vocal improvisation, through total expression, the MVE creates continuously evolving multi-dimensional sound and word structures and transforms them into visual art pieces in real time. The MVE'S vision is to explore the immediacy of now and experiment with the elements of limitless possibility that exist in the unknown allowing that which is already present to naturally occur and take on many forms through construction, deconstruction, abstraction and expansion.


I Take It All With Me - Modern Voice Ensemble - Nora McCarthy/Gitesha/Elizabeth Tomboulian
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Why Can't You See - Modern Voice Ensemble - Nora McCarthy-Gitesha-Elizabeth Tomboulian
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Summer Solstice - MVE - Nora McCarthy-Yasha Bilan-Mark Gerring-Gitesha
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Modern Voice Ensemble
Nora McCarthy, Yasha Bilan, Mark Gerring
Medicine Show Theatre
Ramsey Ameen-violin, Dom Minasi-gtr,
Jorge Sylvester-alto saxophone, Lester St. Lewis-Cello
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