MIC~ART Music is a voice inspired new music

production company founded by Nora McCarthy,

a prominent member of the New York jazz scene.

Ms. McCarthy is an established creative vocal

musician, improviser, composer, poet, lyricist, actor,

and educator.



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MIC~ART Music is committed to the exploration of the vocal instrument as an interdisciplinary art form in and of itself, the creation and production of new musical works within the jazz, avant-garde, free, experimental and Afro-Caribbean music idioms, including the poets and is dedicated to the perpetuation and forward progression of improvised music as a valued, culturally diverse, integral art form that promotes, influences and reflects social change.

  “...Her shaping of pitch often foregoes the fluid note-bending of the jazz singer in favor of the full press of a sculptor’s touch against viscous clay." Ramsey Ameen, violinist with Cecil Taylor Unit, mathematician, scholar.

  "...Nora’s voice is a brand new one for me… fresh and full of the vigor that only well-performed improvised spoken-word can bring…… as you listen to pieces like the 8:15 “Frequency ONE“, with it’s languid guitar from Dom and subtle reeds from Ras, it will all be clear – you’re in the presence of a vocal master… some beautiful echoing tones from Nora’s vocal fit very nicely into the overall piece as well… very impressive. (yes, Nora’s voice is definitely an instrument), and the trio is so “together”, you’ll think it’s scripted – FANTASTIC! I give this fine album [Manna For Thought 2017] a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99." 

Rotcod Zzaj

“...It’s delightful to hear music that plays so freely with the known and the unknown elements of jazz." Florence Wetzel ALL ABOUT JAZZ MAGAZINE, NY


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- The Spiritual Path To Finding Your Voice 

Jazz, Creative, Avant-Garde, Original Music

 - Beginners to Advanced

- Connecting to the Voice

- Modern Vocal Technique

- The Language of Improvisation

- Poetry/Spoken Word

- Lyric Writing

- Composition

- Sound Production

- Performance Art

- Professional Development


- Experimenting with Caribbean Rhythms

- Jazz, Bebop, Advanced, Avant-Garde/Experimental

- Extended Techniques and Compositional Forms




- Concert Halls, Club Dates, Various Music Venues, Universities, Schools,     Community Centers Weddings, Galleries, Other Private Events


Remember that the mind of a beginner is an open channel for genius.

Let the openness lead you and you will instinctively penetrate to 

the heart of the matter.

MIC~ART Music is dedicated to the advancement of creative music and social awareness through performance, collaboration and education.

ONE Mind

ONE Heart

ONE Breath

The Collective Consciousness of Mankind

Committed to the Abandonment of Fear and the Ideal of Love




Nora McCarthy

Email: mic.art.productions@gmail.com

© 2016 Mic-ART Productions